Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Traditional Cream Soap

100% Pure Traditional Cream Soap
  Hello all, I thought I would talk a little bit about Cream Soap today!
 When I was attending Soap Making School, my teacher taught us to make Cream Soap using bar soaps. It turned out really nice but I then was determined to venture out on my own and learn just how to make the Traditional Cream Soap from scratch (With out the addition of using bar soaps)
 I ended up doing a lot of research but there was just not much out there on the subject. I had tried to join the Cream Soap yahoo group but they pick n choose who is allowed in and who is not and I was denied, go figure. As I kept researching I finally decided to dive in and just do it so that's just what I did!

 Below is a picture of my first cream soap that I made from scratch.

Our Cream Soap is nice and creamy, very luxurious and gentle on the skin, this soap has become all three of my daughters favorite soap. They request scrubs and face washes made with it often. Everybody who tries it just loves it!

 I see there are some really good videos on youtube on cream soap making now, some even with recipes. I also found a great ebook called Cream Soap Naturally (A Reference Guid For Formulators) and purchased it and so glad I did. There is a lot of information in it to be had, so if you are interested in making cream soaps I highly recommend this ebook you can find it at the link below:

 The E-book covers the Hot Oven Method of cooking the cream soap which I have still never done. I always cook my cream soaps in a crockpot or on the stove top. I also give my cream soap a 3-6 month rot period. (The rot period is like giving a bar soap a cure period, it helps it to relax and to get more gentle with time.) It will also get a really nice sheen to it!

 Since making my first cream soap (years ago), I have made many other batches. I am still always tweeking and seeing just what I can and can not do with cream soap making. Cream Soap is very versatile and difficult to ruin.

 You can make cream soaps for different skin types by carefully selecting your oils and your additives. You are only limited by your own imagination.

 Hopefully this post helps somebody out there get the information they need for making and formulating your own cream soap.

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