Friday, May 26, 2017

Soap Dough Cold Process Soap

Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club 2017

We are making Soap Dough Creations !!!

"My Lil Sheep"

Hmmm, What is Soap Dough you ask?

Soap Dough is a moldable, plyable dough that is made from a specialial formulated Cold Process recipe. Anything you can create with polymer clay (or fondant!), you can create with soap dough. After you create your Soap Dough creation, you give it some time and  it will harden just like any bar soap does.

Ever since I spotted Bea Iyata book "Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions" and purchased it long ago, I knew I really wanted to give the Soap Dough creations a try but then I never got around to it. If you would like a good read, I sugest that you head on over to  and pick you up one. You will be glad you did for sure, it's a fabulous book. I also had to have her second book of "Light and Shadow" as well!

Oh, ok back to the challenge.

Our guest teacher for this months challenge is Tatiana Serko of Creative Soap by Steso. Tatiana is a great Artist, Soap maker and Soap Teaher, that is just to name a few things amoung all the other things she does so well. If you haven't seen Tatianas' work go on over to  her website and check her, she does very impressive work to say the least!

For this Soap Challenge we don't have to create a practical soap, Amy told us to just create whatever is beautiful!

The Guidlines for this challenge were as follows:

1. We were to use a bar of Cold Process Soap that we had already made months earlier and use that as the base for our Soap dough creation. Soap bar was able to be any size or shape that we wanted and we had to make the Soap Dough ourselves.
2. We could use small non soap embellishments (for eyes) if needed.
3. Everybody could submit one entry into voted or juied categories.
4. The Soap entered must have been made after registration for this contest opened.
5. Entry photo must be from one batch only and have neutral background. No props, people in it and the only adjustments that can be made is lighting and color may be made only to the point of getting the best pic of what your soap looks like in real life. No other adjustmentsare allowed.

We could mimic Tatianas' Dragons Eye soap (Which is beyond Impressive) she created for the class but there was no way that I was ready for something like that, so I set out to figure out just what I though I just might be able to do.

I really wanted to create something that was truely my design instead of trying to mimic anybody so the thought process took me like forever. I though of so many things but I decided to try to create a "My Lil Sheep" so thats what I did and this is what I entered into the challenge.

Soap Dough:

For Soap Dough: I used Ronda Scorpios' recipe. It is listed in her Facebook group "Soap by Kick it up a Notch" and on her blog if you would like to give it a try. It's a very good recipe but I had a little problem with it being sticky but I am sure that was an error on my part somewhere. It's very nice soap though!Dusting it with cornstarch would of helped I am sure.

I didn't have the ingredients for Tatianas' Soap Dough Recipe #4, but when the ingredience came in I rushed to my Soap Room and made me a batch. Then I came down sick and didn't get to play with it much yet except for rolling it into balls and fiddling around just a smidge. I am loving the feel and the suds of the Soap Dough though!
                                     Tatiana's Soap Dough Recipe before rolling into balls

Tatiana's Soap Dough Recipe after rolling into balls, They are nice White in color, but my lighting was not cooperating with me.

Colors :

I used Activated Charcoal from Brambleberry for the Black face.
Titanium Dioxide for the locks on the body.
Light Blue Mica for the Eyes
Pink Mica for the Bow.

I started my project out with an experimental bar of  un-coloured Ghost Swirl Soap that I just had to make after reading about it on Auntie Clara's blog . Totally love her blog, it's so hard not to spend hours and hours there reading all the interesting, Kool things she does.

I smeared a little soap dough over the un-coloured Ghost Swirl Soap bar and rolled me some little peices of the white soap dough until I thought it kinda looked like locks of wool. Next I glued the tiny pieced down with Distilled water/soap paste mixture, Boy was that ever a lot of pieces LOL.

I then rolled a ball of Black soap dough and formed her head the best that I could.
Then I finished placing pieces of white around the neck, face area until that was all done.
I let her dry for a day, then I gave her a little pink bow on the top of the ear. (Now, that I look at her in the picture though the bow looks like it could of been a bit smaller even)

I had a lot of fun with this project and will be doing a lot more with soap dough in the future. I haven't played with Play dough in so many years so I am a little (ok, A lot) rusty. I guess that just gives me an excuss to play more !  * NOTE TO SELF, Hide this blog post from my Dear Husband !!!

Thank you Tatiana for teaching this class and for the fabulous Tutorial and recipes.
I also want to

Thank You as well Amy for hosting the Soap Challenge Club and all that you do for us, You are totally Awesome! x


  1. I am so Proud of you...
    Great Project..Your Sheep is Adorable

    1. Thank you Ronda, that means a lot coming from you. x

  2. Your sheep is so cute and fluffy!

  3. Your sheep is so adorable Rhonda! Very cute, it's fab :)

  4. Awww, she's just precious!! I love her little bow! Thank you for documenting your process and sharing your resources, Rhonda!

    1. Thank you Amy for reading, commenting and also for hosting the soap challenges this one was hard for me but was really fun!

  5. I love this little lambie -- she's adorable! And thank you for the pointer for another recipe! I have some Olive Oil Pomace that's been just sitting there waiting to expire...

    1. Thank you Claudia and you're very welcome for the pointer, I love trying all the soap dough recipes I can find as well.

  6. What a sweet creation! You succeeded in making a soap look soft and fluffy! Great job!!

  7. I love soap - of every single kind - but I can honestly say I've never wanted to cuddle a bar of soap until now! This is beyond adorable! Very, very well done, Rhonda!

    1. Thank you, Deb! LOL You totally crack me up :)