Friday, September 16, 2016

Greatcakes Soap Challenge 2016, Piped Soap Cupcakes

Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Entry– September, Piping

Chocolate Orange Soap Cupcakes

Piped with: Russian ball tip
Colors used: Cocoa Powder for the base and the soap frosting. I used Titanium dioxide for the white and Electric Bubble Gum/Fizzy Lemonade for the Peach color.

Oils used: Extra Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Castor oil

I Melted the (Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter)
When oil & butter was melted, I added the Liquid oils and the Shea Butter.
Mixed my Lye solution until it was clear, then I poured the   Lye solution  into my oils and stired with a spatula for a few minutes. I then began stick blending/pulsing   the soap batter to light trace.
I then divided my soap batter into containers to add color.
I used 3 tsp. of Cocoa Powder to color my base.
For the frosting, I colored my white with a little bit of Titanium Dioxide . The Peach color was a mix of  Electric Bubble Gum/Fizzy Lemonade.

After my colors were mixed up, I poured the base color into the silicone Cupcake liners and set them off to the side.
I left the frosting colors a lone and kept going back to check on them here and there, gave them a stirring and repeated that until they were all ready to pipe. (It took about an hour for this recipe) I think next time a will stick blend pulse them a little longer before letting them sit.
When my batter was thick enough I added 1 oz. Orange Essential oil stirred it in well with spatula. I then started spooning the colors (white, orange/make 4 rows) in lines on to some plastic wrap. I then folded the plastic wrap around the soap frosting (twisted the end closed) and slide it into my piping bag. Then I began to pipe!
The recipe was great without any ricing or anything.

My thoughts:
  Piping was a lot of fun and definitely a learning curve for me, if you are feeling adventurous give it a try !!! :)
The Russian tips will be nice after I get the hang of them.
Thank you Amy for giving me the opportunity to participate in this challenge.  I had lots of fun with this process and will be practicing more with the Piping technique for sure.


  1. I love soapy cup cakes and these look divine and i bet smell amazing

  2. So pretty! I love the colours and the flow of the ribbony ruffles. Looks like you really got the hang of the Russian ball piping tip – I must give that one a try! :) I'm glad you made it in time to submit your entry too. Good luck and happy soaping!
    – Belinda

  3. I love the ruffle effect you achieved! Your cupcakes look delicious!

  4. These turned out great, Rhonda!! One hour of waiting time is nothing. Had you stick blended longer, you might not have had time to get them all piped. I wasn't sure how the Russian ball tips would work, but you just proved they create a very lovely ruffled effect!

  5. Omneya Andrea Acosta Dhmaid, Thank you! Yes, they smell heavenly with the combination of the Cocoa Butter and the Orange E.O.

    Love Your Suds Style,Thank you! I practiced and practiced with the Russian ball tip so I wouldn't have that hole in top like I have seen when they are used and I think I got it down pat now. Tried the Rose tip and not so much luck with it yet, but I will keep trying for sure.

    Helene Glemet, Thank you!My brother-in-law thought so too, he picked one up to eat until he felt how hard it was. :)

    Amy,Thank you! Yea I didn't stick blend longer because I was afraid that I might not had time to pipe, but I will keep experimenting with the piping for sure, it was lots of fun!Thank you for offering these Soapy challenges, I am excited to see what the next one is going to be! :)

  6. They look amazing !!! Great work on the icing , love them !!

  7. Thank you RooRoo,glad you like them!I am sure I will be sending you one of these after they are cured.:) xo

  8. Beautiful soapy cupcakes! Absolutely love the ruffles.